Incendonet Inc. Announces Availability of SpeechBridge™ Family of Network Appliances

Encinitas, CA (Oct. 9, 2006) – Incendonet, Inc. is proud to announce the availability of its SpeechBridge™ family of network appliances, which includes a comprehensive suite of speech recognition based solutions for VoIP and traditional PBX phone systems.

For the first time, companies now can implement the latest standards based speech recognition technologies and enterprise speech recognition applications in an easy and cost effective manner. With patent pending core technologies, SpeechBridge™ integrates seamlessly with SIP based VoIP phone solutions to give enterprises a suite of customer self service and employee productivity applications from day one. “We have engineered SpeechBridge™ from the ground up to be a scaleable, reliable, and flexible speech platform that is nearly effortless to deploy,” said Bryan Ayers, President of Incendonet.  “The combination of the unique capabilities and the affordability of our network appliances is a breakthrough for any enterprise looking to add speech access to their day to day operations.”

SpeechBridge™ gives companies an open, standards based platform to deploy advanced self service applications, lower operating costs and increase mobile access to core enterprise applications and business critical information for both employees and customers from any phone, anytime, anywhere.  “SpeechBridge™ offers companies of any size a comprehensive and robust speech recognition solution as a seamless enhancement to their corporate telephone system.  With all the necessary software, hardware and a suite of productivity and customer self service applications, companies will begin seeing a return on their investment immediately” said Tim Kruse, Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Incendonet.

About Incendonet, Inc.
Headquartered in Encinitas, California, Incendonet Inc. is a software development company bringing speech recognition solutions to enterprises of all sizes. With the SpeechBridge™ family of products, enterprise speech has never been as easy or cost effective to implement. SpeechBridge™ appliances are available directly from Incendonet and through select VARs and IP-PBX OEM partners.  For more information about SpeechBridge™ and how automated speech recognition solutions can benefit your organization, please visit