Incendonet Launches Interoperability Certification Program for VoIP Solution Providers

Incendonet creates certification program to ensure compatibility with leading IP telephony solutions.

Encinitas, CA (September 25, 2007) – Incendonet, a leading provider of speech recognition solutions for the enterprise, today announced it has created the Interoperability Certification Program for IP telephony solution providers to ensure the interoperability of their VoIP solutions with the SpeechBridge family of products. To ensure this interoperability, Incendonet has developed a comprehensive program for our Partners to certify that SpeechBridge can be integrated into our customers’ enterprises as a seamless enhancement to their VoIP solution. Under the program, Incendonet develops a partner test plan and then certifies each IP-PBX is interoperable with the SpeechBridge product family.

“By working closely with our technology partners, we enable our customers to expand the capabilities of their IP-PBX in a straightforward manner," said Bryan Ayers, President of Incendonet. "Companies that deploy SpeechBridge can enhance their IP telephony solutions with cost-effective speech recognition applications designed for the enterprise."

SpeechBridge delivers open, standards based enterprise speech recognition solutions to companies of all sizes, that grow with them as they integrate automated speech capabilities into their daily operations.  Developed as a native SIP solution, SpeechBridge is the most flexible speech platform available for today’s IP based telecommunications networks.  The SpeechBridge platform’s support for VoiceXML and .NET makes adding speech capabilities to all of your business systems straightforward. It gives an enterprise’s employees and customers access to information from any phone through simple, intuitive spoken commands to complete common tasks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information on how to become an Incendonet Interoperability Certification Program Partner please visit:

About Incendonet
Headquartered in Encinitas, California, Incendonet Inc. is a software development company bringing speech recognition solutions to enterprises of all sizes. With the SpeechBridge™ family of products, enterprise speech has never been as easy or cost effective to implement. SpeechBridge™ appliances are available directly from Incendonet and through select VARs and IP-PBX OEM partners. For more information about SpeechBridge™ and how automated speech recognition solutions can benefit your organization, please visit or call (760) 944-7698 and say “sales”.

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